Friday Night Meals: Volunteer Opportunity

Band Families,

We are in need of someone to take on the responsibility of getting meals/sandwiches for our students on Friday nights before games. The students do not have time to leave school and get food before call time on Friday nights for home and away games.  If you are willing to assist our band students by getting food for them on Friday nights before games, it would be great!  If a group of people want to work together to make this happen, that would be awesome!

Here's what this opportunity consists of:

~Contact businesses, like Arby's, Subway, Raising Canes, Little Caesars Pizza, etc., and find out if they are willing to offer sandwiches or a small meal to our students for $5.

~Either collect money per game on Thursday night or figure out how much it would cost for the whole season and collect it all up front from students who want to participate every Friday night. This will not run through the Band Boosters, so the money/order is strictly between the students and the person ordering the food. Let students know that extra food will not be ordered and if they want more than one serving, they need to pay double.  I can send out an email message in advance and let students know what food is being ordered and they can decide if they want it or not. 

~Be in the band room on Thursday nights after practice and collect money and/or orders from students.

~Be in the band room around 4:30 on Friday to deliver the food and check off names as students get their food.  Remember that middle school students will arrive on the bus later, so hold their food until they arrive.

Please let me know if you are interested in this opportunity.  Remember that this is a volunteer opportunity and it will count towards the hours that you need to get the discount in fair share payments.


Jennifer Edge

ARHS Band Booster Secretary