Parent band meeting

The next parent meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday April 2nd at 6:30.  Please plan on attending this meeting as we will be voting on new board members.  I have included the positions and what the duties are for each one below.  Please feel free to contact anyone on the current board with any questions.  We hope to see you all there next Tuesday at 6:30!

Thanks and have a great evening,

ARHS Band Boosters

Membership in the Band Boosters shall not be limited. Anyone interested in the positive support and development of the band program at Ashley Ridge High School is eligible for membership. Each parent of a musician/color guard student, by virtue of that fact, is a member of the Band Booster. There is no fee specific to membership, in the Band Booster, Fair share obligations are tied to Band programs.

Officers of the Band Boosters Board will consist of the following: President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President/Ways and Means, Secretary, and Treasurer(s). The Officers will work together for the success and good of the band program. The Ashley Ridge Band Director is an ex officio member of the board and is to provide input to the Band Boosters regarding needs and desires of the band throughout the year. The Band Director will be the final authority in all dealings of the Band Program and Band Staff.
The term of office for all Board members is one year from July 1 to June 30, renewable for up to a total of four years of service in a given post. All Board members must be members in good standing and a parent or guardian of a student in the Ashley Ridge High School Band Program.

A. President –To preside at all meetings and work with the Board and Band Boosters in the appointment of Committee Chairpersons and to serve as an ex officio member of all committees. The President shall be the primary liaison to the Band Director. When a new President is elected, the outgoing President shall be asked to serve a one- year term as an ex-offcio member ofthe Board, regardless of membership status.

B. Vice President –To preside at meetings during the absence of the President
and to give assistance to the President. The Vice President shall preside over the nomination of a slate of officers at the March Booster Meeting, and present that slate to the Band Boosters for election at the April Booster Meeting. The chairpersons of the Equipment, Uniform, and Volunteer Coordination committees shall report to the Vice President.

C. 2 Vice President/Ways and Means –To supervise all fund-raising projects
and to keep accurate records of each fund-raising project. To work together with the Treasurer for the maintenance of student accounts, Band Booster income, and payments made. The chairpersons of the Sponsorship, Fundraising, and Concessions committees shall report to the 2nd Vice President/Ways and Means.

D. Secretary– To keep records and minutes of all meetings and attend to all correspondence of the Band Boosters. The chairpersons of the Membership/ Communication committee(s) shall report to the Secretary.

E. Treasurer(s) –To keep accurate records of all financial matters relating to the Band Boosters. If necessary the office may hold a Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer(s). The Treasurer has the roles of: managing the band booster account, pay approved bills, and reconcile bank statements. The Treasurer may designate to Board approved personnel, the following roles to Deputy Treasurer(s): collect funds for fundraisers, pickup money for events (football games, Band hosted events), make deposits to the bank. In the event Deputy Treasurer(s) are not used the Treasurer has the responsibilities of all roles. The chairperson of the Social/Activities committee(s) shall report to the Treasurer. If Deputy treasurers are used, the office of Treasurer possesses only one vote, which will be with the Treasurer unless designated by the Treasurer in writing (text or email) to the board before the meeting.

A Board member may resign by giving written notice to the President and Secretary, who shall notify the Board within five (5) days, and such notice shall specify the effective date of such resignation.
A Board member may be removed from office by the Board for not performing his or her duties as outlined in Article IV upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board members present at a board meeting at which a quorum has been established.
The Board shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of any elected office except that the Vice President shall fill the vacancy for the office of the President.