Off-Season Training Program, Tuesdays 4:30-6pm

Good afternoon!

On Tuesdays after school we are starting an Off-Season Training Program for the marching band. These sessions are open to students who are interested to start conditioning for next fall's marching band season.

In every discipline, students can lose valuable skills during an off-season period. The team will then have to take a great deal of time to rebuild those skills when the season begins. Therefore, we are providing a way for students to maintain and build the skills developed during the marching band season.

These sessions are optional at this time, but encouraged, and they are not serving as a replacement for our spring camp rehearsals that will still occur later in the semester for ALL students marching next fall. These sessions are simply a way to offer an outlet for students interested in building their skills for the upcoming season. We encourage all students to attend (including students who marched in the 8th grade), whether that means attending every week or twice a month. Any amount of time spent working on and developing these skills NOW will certainly pay off this fall.

Off-Season Training will happen on Tuesdays after school from 4:30-6pm.

These sessions do not include percussion and color guard at this time. A notice will be sent out regarding a spring rehearsal schedule for these sections.

Thank you for your support of the Ashley Ridge Bands!


Ben Pouncey