Ashley Ridge All-State Audition Callbacks

Good evening!

Congratulations to the following 12 students on their placement in the Region Band auditions and their callback for the All-State Band auditions!  We could not be more proud of them for this achievement!

I will be in the band room tomorrow (Sunday, January 27th) from 10am-1pm and would like for all callback students (if possible) to stop by and work through the B ending of their solo with me as well as the all state level sight reading requirements for their classification.

Rosemary Valmores - Clinic Flute - 1st Chair

Alex Palmer - Clinic Oboe - 2nd Chair

Tyler Breaux - Clinic Oboe - 3rd Chair

Karlton Bryce - Clinic Trumpet - 5th Chair

Alex Martinez - Clinic Trombone - 2nd Chair

Chase Morrow - Clinic Trombone - 3rd Chair

Trey Evans - Clinic Tuba - 1st Chair

Erikah Rooman - Senior Clarinet - 6th Chair

Corey Palmer - Senior Clarinet - 8th Chair

Danielle Paxton - Senior French Horn - 2nd Chair

Caroline Grace - Senior French Horn - 5th Chair

Kyle Allen - Senior Timpani - 1st Chair

For those students who auditioned but did not receive a callback, final Region Band results will be available next weekend following the All-State auditions!

We are so proud of ALL the students who dedicated themselves to auditioning for the South Carolina Region & All-State Bands!

Thank you so much for your support of the Ashley Ridge Bands!


Ben Pouncey