Ashley Ridge Band - Away Game Assignments & Information


It is the school expectation of our marching band that for any away football game in the tri-county area that we send a pep band to support our football team and represent Ashley Ridge! For away games within our district (i.e. Summerville/Fort Dorchester), we will be taking the full band to that game.

Every student in the marching band is assigned to one of two pep bands (Pep Band A & Pep Band B). These pep bands have been assigned to alternate between away games. For these games, the students assigned to the traveling pep band are required to attend the game. If a student is not assigned to the pep band that is traveling will have the evening off. This system ensures that every student travels to an away game but as a “trade-off” will receive some Friday evenings off as well.

If there is a scheduling conflict with an assigned away game (with the exception of the Summerville game), it is the responsibility of the student to find a substitute to go in that student’s place (i.e. another person in their section). That student needs to locate the substitute and both students need to speak with Mr. Pouncey together to confirm who is attending the game.

Due to limited space on the athletic bus we unfortunately cannot add numbers to the students traveling on the bus to the game – we can only substitute members in place of others.

The pep band schedule and away game schedule for this football season is as follow:

Friday, August 24th @ Berkeley – Pep Band A

Friday, September 7th @ Cane Bay – Pep Band B

Friday, September 21st @ Wando – Pep Band A

Friday, September 28th @ Summerville – FULL BAND

Friday, October 5th @ West Ashley – Pep Band B

The Pep Band A and Pep Band B rosters have been sent out via email. If there are any questions regarding this system please feel free to let us know!

Call time for this Friday’s away game at Berkeley is 5:30pm. Students need to report to the Ashley Ridge Band room. Attendance will be taken at 5:30pm and we will be leaving by 6:00pm. 

The attire for this Friday’s game will be the summer uniform (show shirt, khaki shorts, mostly white shoes). Students are encouraged to eat prior to the 5:30pm call time. Students will need to bring money for concessions if they wish to eat during 3rd quarter break at the game.

Thank you so much for your support of the Ashley Ridge Bands! 

Ben Pouncey