Band Weekend Info

PROP CONSTRUCTION:   The front screens are in route with delivery today, which means we are going to do our best to get them ready for Saturday’s competition.  We will be meeting at 9:00 am Saturday morning at the ARHS Band Black Trailer to put the screens on the wooden frames.

Please bring work gloves, eye protection, staple gun (Arrow T50 type), flathead screw driver, and drill/electric screw, and water if you have them.

SHOW SHIRTS: Will be ready for pick up tonight before/ during / after the game in the band room. There are no extras so only those that were pre-ordered are available.

SPIRIT ITEMS : Pennants, Pillows, Tumblers:  all three will be available for pick up in the band room.

REMINDER: Parent rehearsal will be at 2:30 on Saturday at Band Practice Field

FOOD DONATIONS:   We are looking for parents who would like to donate grapes and bananas for dinner Saturday evening.  The kids love green grapes so the more the better.   You can drop them off at call time to the band room or at our parking area at the Summerville competition.  Dinner will be after awards during the director feedback session.

LANDSCAPER NEEDED:  We are also looking for a landscaper or someone who enjoys working in the yard to help with a barter agreement.   Please contact if interested.