ALL PARENTS - Please Read


I wanted to go over a couple things regarding our next two competitions.  This is long, but filled with information.

Below is a link for SignUp Genius for the Blythwood Competition. This link is only for those who will be physically moving items onto and off of the field.

Blythwood Competition - Pit/Props only

I'm encouraging those who have not worked a competition to sign up for Blythwood.  The signup for Blythwood is more detailed on what is expected for each position and how many are needed.  Please read over the notes for each position before signing up.

The Band could not do everything on their own in the time allotted.  The Boosters are the extra hands and many are needed.  Its better to have too many than not enough.

For this year, we are working on a plan to at least have all the behind the scenes - (non-field) volunteers in the stands for State.  We also have a tradition of all Senior Parents being in the stands for State.  That means all other parents have to fill those Senior parent spots on the field.

Our long term goal is to have two sets of prop/pit handlers so that each parent gets to see at least two competitions.  This will not happen this year with only two remaining and some parents haven't seen one yet.  I do believe this is attainable for next year's season with the many great volunteers we have this year.

Mr Robert Edge is our fearless leader for all things going on and off the field, equipment, and logistics of getting us to competition.  He is the man with the plan.  He will be meeting with the Band Directors to go over the plan (subject to changes) before all competitions.  Once they agree on a plan, the board will be briefed on the plan only to answer questions on the day of.  This will be the plan that we will execute.  If changes are needed, Robert will be the one to change them.

Other Important Notes/Reminders:

Smoking on school property: Please remember that there is no smoking on any school grounds.  All of our competitions are on public school grounds so this rule holds even at competitions.  If you are a smoker, you will have to walk off school property.

Alternative Transportation Forms: These forms must be filled out and turned into Mr. Pouncey before the competition.  On the day of competition, Ms. Carrie will have the forms and is responsible for releasing students.  Parents if you plan to use the alternative transportation option, please note that you are REQUIRED to check in with Ms. Carrie before your student leaves.  This is for the safety of student, school, and booster club.

Pick-Up at ARHS:  Parents please do not park in the car rider loop for pick up. The parking lot next to the school or the bus loop are designated waiting areas.  The buses and trailers will be using the car rider loop for unloading.  If you are parked there when buses/trailers arrive, you will be asked to move.  This is for everyone safety.

Unloading at ARHS:  When we return to Ashley Ridge after competitions, there is still work to be done.  Students are responsible for helping to unload the trailers.  If you are there for pick-up, you can help too.  Please note that unloading can take 15-30 mins depending on what is required to be moved into the school.

Competition Food: Saturday will be a long day.  Your student will need to pack a lunch for after practice and money for concessions if time allows.  Dinner this week is Pizza!!! If you would like to donate grapes, chips, or water we will take them.  The kids love those.

Show shorts:  If you are still wanting to order a show shirt we are about 4 orders short of making another order.  This will be the last chance to order a shirt.  If the order is placed there is no guarantee the shirts will be in by the state competition.

Thank you for your continued help and support of the Ashley Ridge Band.

Aimee Pereira

ARHS Band Booster President