Jan 21 Band Blast 2

Remember individual fundraisers are going on right now, Butter Braids and Joe Corbi.   Orders and payment for both are due back the same day, 1/31/2018.  Delivery for Butter Braids is scheduled for 2/16/18, Joe Corbi should be the same day but we will let you know if that changes.

Each of these is picked up by the student or the parent at the school the day of delivery.  These are perishable items and can not be stored at the school.  There is not an option for out of state families to order and have them shipped to them.

These are individual fundraisers and the percentage that will go back into your child's account is based on how much is sold as a group.  The more we sell as a group the bigger the percentage of each item your child sold goes back into your fair share account.

We need everyone to participate to make this a successful fundraiser event.  This is available to all Winter Guard, Marching Band, Percussion, and Fall Guard.  Anyone who has overdue fair share obligations is encouraged to take advantage of this fundraising event to help pay down overdue balances.  Please remember that you can also use this fundraiser to get a head start on fees for next year.

There are still a lot of available volunteer slots for the CWEA event Feb. 17.  Follow this link  http://signup.com/go/inMoTdb to pick your time and volunteer location before they are all gone.  If your child is participating that day do not worry....we will make sure that you are able to go and watch them perform.  If your child is not participating please come help us make this a successful event....we need all hands on deck.  OK Band Families, let's do this!  We are AR!


ARHS Band Boosters