Charlotte and Carowinds Update: Lots of IMPORTANT Information

Band Families,

The Itinerary for this weekend is available on the event details and was emailed.

Students should be ready to practice on Saturday at 10:30.  They will not be going home between practice and departure on Saturday, so they need to bring everything with them that they plan to take to Charlotte.  Students are limited to one small suitcase and a small carry-on bag.  Large or multiple suitcases are not necessary because we are only staying one night.  Please check the weather for Sunday.  It might be chilly!

Meals:  We will stop on the way to Charlotte on Saturday for the students to get something to eat. Students will need money for this meal.

The Band will provide pizza, water, and Gatorade after the awards ceremony before heading to the hotel.

Sunday Morning:  The band will provide a quick grab and go breakfast of pop tarts, fruit, and water.  Sunday at Carowinds: Students will need money for Carowinds.  Students are responsible for any food, beverages, or other items that they purchase in the park.  Students need to eat in the park before departure because the bus is not stopping on the way home.

If students have any special dietary needs, and the food that the band provides does not meet those needs,  they will need to pack their own food.

Parents who have signed up to help with the PIT CREW are asked to please be at the practice on Saturday Morning so that everyone will know how and where to set the screens on the field.  We are also asking PIT CREW members who are driving to Charlotte separately to please try to arrive a little earlier than the band and look for the semi-trailer and the red band trailer and assist with unloading the instruments and equipment.

Middle School students who will need their instruments for school on Monday should not put their instruments on the semi-trailer after competition.  Either give them to your parents if they are present or put them under the bus for the ride home.

Please join Iremind for updates from Mr. Pence and the Band Boosters:
If you are already part of Iremind, join AR Band or use the number 81010 and text @arhsba for Band Boosters and use the number 81010 and text @arband for Mr. Pence.

Mr. Pence will have a meeting with Chaperones on Saturday morning to discuss information for the trip.  Listen out for more details on that meeting.

Those not traveling with us will likely need to meet us at the entrance of the park Sunday morning to get their tickets. If Mr. Pence gets them sooner, he will make every effort to hand them out earlier to those folks.

Looking ahead a little:  Monday's practice will be from 4:30 - 7:30 and Tuesday's practice will be 4:30 - 6:30.  The change was made so that our young drivers can get home before the Trick or Treaters come out on Halloween.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all!
We are AR!

Band Boosters