Oct 1 Band Blast

Band Families,

Car Wash:

It was a great weekend for a car wash!  Yes, it was and the kids did great.  Thank you to every parent who helped!  We appreciate all donations of water, Gatorade, car wash materials, time, energy, etc!  We don't know exactly how many cars were washed yet, but it was a LOT!  We will be handing out the pledge sheets once we have the final number of cars washed so the kids can go and collect their pledges and any donations that people want to give....yes we will still take donations.

Practice this week:

Rehearsal on Monday will start at 4:15 instead of 4:30. Those students involved in the academic letter ceremony will be allowed to leave early. Rehearsal on Tuesday and Thursday is 4:30-7:30. It is absolutely imperative that every student be in attendance. On Thursday, the students will practice in their black marching shoes and shakos. Mrs. Johns will be available after practice on Thursday Night to take orders for students who would like to order sandwiches from Arby's for Friday night before the game.  Students need to bring $5 on Thursday if they are ordering dinner.  We will perform at Friday night's home game. Call time will be 5:45 and we will wear the full uniform.

Friday is game night AR vs Stratford, if you want to help with concessions follow this link  http://signup.com/go/XxURscu.

Competition at CSU on Saturday, Oct. 7:

Saturday Oct. 7 is our very first competition and Charleston Southern University.  We will need help with getting the band on and off the field so if you want to help with this follow this link  http://signup.com/go/QyxVrwy.

Getting the PIT on and off the field in a timely manner is a very important part of the competition so if you can lend a hand, Thank You!

A detailed itinerary for Saturday's competition is being finalized and will available on Monday afternoon.

Show Shirts:

The second order of show shirts is in and will be ready for pick up Tuesday.

Band Booster Meeting:

There is a Band Booster meeting Tuesday, Oct. 3 so come learn some new information and get your show shirt.

Trunk or Treat:

October 21 will be a Mini Camp and our annual Band Trunk of Treat.  We need parents who are interested in participating in the trunk or treat.  This event takes place at the end of the mini camp as a treat to the students and our guest middle schoolers.  Please contact Aimee Pereira at arhsband.treasurer@gmail.com if you plan to participate.  More information will follow as we get closer to Oct. 21.

Thanks again for all that you do!  It's going to be a busy week as we prepare for our first competition, but it will be worth the work!

We are AR!

ARHS Band Boosters